The new Continente Modelo Porto Alto store opened today, located on Rua João Folheiro, Samora Correia, featuring 1999 m2 of sales area, 257 parking spaces and integrating ZU, Bagga, Wells, MO, Worten and MaxMat stores. The new store is open daily from 8 am to 10 pm, and has 80 employees.

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The opening of the space is marked with a 10% discount on Continente Card campaign, throughout the store, between the 19th and 22nd of October, which accumulates with current promotions.

We want to keep presenting the best products, with quality and diversity, and at a democratic price. This new, modern and innovative store aims to serve our Samora Correia customers, as well as all those who visit us. We will keep focusing on being ever closer to our customers and this Continente Modelo Porto Alto store is an example of that,” explains Fernanda Carreiro, Store Director, who has been with MC for 36 years.

‘Desafio Jovem’ (Salvaterra de Magos) and ‘Associação Vira-Latas’ (Associação Terra de Duendes) will be the institutions permanently supported by Missão Continente, through the daily food surplus from Continente Modelo Porto Alto’s store.

On the environmental front, the photovoltaic solar panels on the roof and in the car park stand out, which represent around 45% of the store’s total consumption, guaranteeing its self-sufficiency for a period of more than 8 hours, on a day with good solar radiation. The store also has available 4 charging stations for electric vehicles.

In terms of lighting, the store features 100% LED low consumption light bulbs, equipment to control and reduce excessive water consumption and containers where customers can deposit used cooking oil, used batteries and cork stoppers, which will later be taken for recycling.

Continente Modelo Porto Alto Store

Address: Rua João Folheiro 63, 2135-133 Samora Correia

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, from 8 am to 10 pm

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