KASA, Continente’s homeware brand, presents new collections inspired by the latest trends in décor, bedding, tableware, cushions, vases, candles and oven and stove material. Until January 31st, 2024, the new autumn-winter collection, which includes sustainable products, is available in the digital catalogue.

The catalogue features several novelties such as the Energy Saving Casserole, made from recycled stainless steel, with an innovative lid that retains heat, and the Oeko-Tex certified bedding sets, produced without harmful substances, for people or the environment. The KASA brand also features FSC-certified furniture items, which guarantee the use of wood from well-managed and sustainable forests.

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Among the new KASA collections, ‘Cottage’ is a combination of an intimate spirit, floral and country elements, suitable for creating welcoming environments, full of charm. Nature, botanical expressions and flower gardens inspire this collection.

‘Graphic Colour’ is a bold and vibrant collection, with graphic rhythms, for strong and unique environments. Stripes and vintage squares checkered graphics are the key elements. The colours stand out in vibrant and bold tones, which combine in disruptive and bold harmonies, crossed with blacks and whites. ‘Graphic Colour’ appeals to anyone who wants to express their creative and vivacious personality, in a positive and energetic way.

After the success of previous editions, the collection of cast iron pots, pans and casseroles has expanded with the arrival of new kitchen pieces. With a cast iron cooking line that harks back to our grandparents’ time, when dedication to each dish was unique, the pieces combine design and functionality.

In this collection, they return with new colours and shapes and can go from the stove or oven directly to the table. They are heat resistant and machine washable.

Another novelty is the low pressure cooker, with a new design and specially designed to reduce cooking time and save energy compared to traditional pans, intensifying flavours and preserving the food’s nutritional quality. It can be safely opened throughout cooking to add ingredients or to season. It features ‘Greblon’ coating, which prevents food from burning or sticking.

In addition to the new collections, the KASA catalogue brings special news to the table: the ‘Tendência’ (Trend) dishes are the options with the most current design and the most differentiating materials, finishes and textures. The ‘Clássicos’ (Classics) have more discreet and timeless colours or patterns, ideal for daily use. KASA also offers limited, seasonal and bold editions that are part of the collections and that remain in the store for a shorter period, ensuring design and current opportunities.

With a 100% Digital catalogue, KASA constantly updates new products and collections dynamically, providing an immersive experience for customers. It includes inspiring videos, tips and detailed technical information about the various products. The catalogue takes the customer on a true journey through the new collections, with direct access to the Continente Online website to purchase.

In terms of sustainability, the brand keeps reducing the plastic used in packaging and replacing materials to improve their recyclability. Since 2021, 94% of KASA products’ packaging is already recyclable and the brand is committed to, by the end of 2025, all packaging being 100% recyclable, compostable or reusable.

At Continente, with the Kasa brand, we work quality design and décor products with care. A large and wide option of kitchen, bedroom, bath and storage items. In an easy way, during family shopping, but aligned with the trends those families can find in specialized stores. They reflect global trends at affordable prices. Designed by the Portuguese for the Portuguese. Moreover, it is always exciting to see the reaction of Continente’s customers to the products, collections and the increasingly visited digital catalogue. The Catalogue features several editions and will have a new issue by Christmas. This is the presentation phase of the autumn-winter collections”, explains Cristina Braga da Cruz, Director of Product Development at MC.

KASA products can be ordered online at kasa.continente.pt and at homestory.pt, and through the brand’s social networks - Instagram and Facebook. In addition, in stores, through Mais Continente kiosks, some KASA products can be selected and purchased, and subsequently delivered directly to customers’ homes.

About KASA

KASA is Continente’s exclusive décor and homeware brand that promotes family well-being by offering a wide variety of trendy products at affordable prices, capable of adapting to various styles, needs and occasions.


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