The Continente Producers Club (CPC) awarded 6 national companies during its Annual Meeting, which brought together more than 400 producers and was attended by the Minister of Agriculture and Food, Maria do Céu Antunes, at Belém’s Cultural Centre, in Lisbon. The goal is to distinguish the best that is done in the national agro-food sector, recognizing these companies’ good practices, in the areas of innovation, sustainability and excellence.

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During the ‘Creating Sustainable Roots for the Future’ meeting, which marked CPC’s 25th anniversary, the sustainability of the national agro-food sector, the skills needed for the digitalization of agriculture, the European legislation and the impact on the future of food were discussed.

The ‘Innovation’ awards were awarded to ‘Pec Nordeste’ and to ‘Costa & Ferreira’. ‘Pec Nordeste’ is an ‘AGROS’ Group company that operates to support national livestock production, and ‘Costa & Ferreira’ is a traditional Portuguese bakery, producer of the well-known Rio Maior Bread. Within the scope of the Club’s Academy, both presented circular economy innovation projects aligned with healthy eating.

The awards for the ‘Sustainability’ category were awarded within the scope of a partnership between the Continente Producers Club and ‘EDIA’ – an Alqueva’s Development and Infrastructure Company, with the aim of valuing organic by-products, also involving two pilot producers, the ‘Sociedade Agrícola Monte Novo e Figueirinha’ and the ‘Queijaria Guilherme’, with the aim of producing organic compost to be used in soil fertilization.

‘Campotec’ – Organization of Producers of the Western Region, with over 250 workers, was distinguished with the ‘Excellence’ award, for its long-term partnership with MC, for the quality and freshness of the fruit and vegetables products that it delivers daily to Continente stores.

The Continente Producers Club, which has been working in partnership with national producers for 25 years, purchased 520 million euros in certified national products in 2022, 22.6% more compared to the previous year, the equivalent of 240 thousand tonnes of goods sold in the brand’s stores.

The CPC currently has 340 producers spread across the country, representing categories such as butchers, fruit and vegetables, cold cuts & cheeses, bakery and pastry, fishmongers, olive oil, rice, legumes, honey and jams, pastes and pâtés, flour, frozen foods, eggs, dairy products and wines and that employ over 11 thousand people, directly and indirectly, representing more than 200,000 hectares (about 495,000 acres) of productive area.






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