For sale in all Continente stores, in the bakery area, ‘O Nosso Croissant’ (Our Croissant) filled with ‘Ovos Moles de Aveiro’ (traditional delicacy made of egg yolks and sugar) is the new edition of the brand’s original recipe, which stands out for its egg filling, which is the most known and typical of Portuguese sweets.

‘O Nosso Croissant’ Ovos Moles de Aveiro Image Link

This is a partnership between ‘Continente’ and ‘Fabridoce’, a national brand registered for its ‘Ovos Moles de Aveiro’ specialty, present in Continente stores and highly appreciated by consumers. This ‘O Nosso Croissant’ (Our Croissant) special edition, unlike the other fillings that are sold separately, is already filled.

‘O Nosso Croissant’ (Our Croissant) is the result of an exclusive recipe, which stands out for its half-brioche, half-puff pastry and its crispy crust. This limited edition filled with ‘Ovos Moles de Aveiro’ joins the other 2 fillings sold separately - egg jam and chocolate & hazelnut – as well as the limited edition with KitKat spread. All croissants are produced in Portugal and are available in single-dose format in all Continente stores.

“‘O Nosso Croissant’ (Our Croissant) is nowadays a brand with a lot of recognition within MC’s brands’ portfolio, whose goal is to constantly reinvent itself, in order to meet market trends. Thus, and within the scope of the Continente Producers Club, we challenged this partner to present an innovative product and, combining their expertise with a unique product like ‘O Nosso Croissant’ (Our Croissant), we created something even more special. The new croissant reflects the know-how of Portuguese pastry making and is now arriving in our stores”, says Catarina Simões, Category Leader at MC’s Bakery/Pastry.

Produced in Portugal and rolled by hand, ‘O Nosso Croissant’ (Our Croissant), as well as the fillings, were thought out in detail, from the meticulous refinement of the recipe to the development of the brand’s identity, to the presentation in the store and personalized packaging – boxes or paper bags.


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