Continente Modelo Leça do Balio, in Matosinhos, is part of the pilot project for an inclusive store for individuals, which, among other aspects, is adapted to people on the autism spectrum. As part of World Autism Awareness Day, which was celebrated yesterday, April 2nd, the store held a gathering open to the community with the ‘Café with Inclusion’ action, with the aim of raising awareness on the topic of autism.

Joe Santos, co-founder and president of ‘Vencer Autismo’, who shared inspiring teachings and insights about the autism spectrum, as well as his own experience and journey, led the get-together.

As a pilot project for an inclusive store, Continente Modelo Leça do Balio is adapted so that people with disabilities, particularly those on the autistic spectrum, can make their purchases with autonomy and greater peace of mind. The store offers sound mufflers for adults and children, a sensory plan at the entrance, a comfort room, adapted checkout cashiers, specific shopping carts and assisted purchasing.

The store’s entire team also received specialized training on the autism spectrum, with the aim of ensuring an increasingly personalized and empathetic service.

Being part of a pilot project for an inclusive store is very important, as we want to welcome all people and their uniqueness. The Continente Modelo Leça do Balio store is following a path of inclusion, firstly because it has a diverse team, we have invested in differentiating training for our people on these topics and we have started to prepare the store with services that allow it to be increasingly adapted to the needs of all customers. It is a journey that has many dimensions and we are still just getting started”, says Miguel Andrade, Director of Continente Operations.

Autism is just a different way of perceiving the world, now the world needs to perceive autism differently,” adds Joe Santos, co-founder of ‘Vencer Autismo’.

This initiative is part of MC’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy, which addresses five dimensions, including disabilities, and which aims to promote an increasingly inclusive culture.



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