Continente is the first retailer to eliminate plastic lids from its private label liquid yogurts, to ensure the reduction of plastic and prevent them from reaching nature, in particular marine ecosystems, where they are one of the main causes of pollution, but also of animal deaths from ingestion.

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Plastic lids are at the top of the plastic waste collected when cleaning beaches because, due to their size and weight, they do not pass the waste sorting stage and are inadvertently diverted from their ‘route’ of waste management systems.

This change, which is already beginning to be visible in stores, will save around 100 tonnes of plastic per year, thus reducing the quantity of this material by 15% in the approximately 69 million bottles of liquid yogurt sold per year.

In addition to the elimination of the lids, Continente brand’s yogurts will undergo another change in their packaging: the label will no longer indicate the expiration date under the description “Consume by”, but will from now on show “Consume preferably before”, making the final consumer aware of the fight against food waste.

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Global Commitment Report, which annually monitors the common progress of the more than 500 signatories of the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, MC continues to perform above the retail average when compared to signatories from around the world and from its sector, and has the best result among all retailers operating in Portugal. On the national scene, MC leads the percentage of packaging that is already reusable, recyclable or compostable, and this project reinforces the brand’s commitment.

In 2022, the retailer achieved a recyclability rate for its plastic packaging of 80%, representing a growth of 5.3 pp compared to 2021, and the incorporation of 14.1% of recycled raw material (+2.0 pp compared to 2021). Additionally, the brand created an eco-design manual, to guarantee the development, from scratch, of more sustainable and effectively recyclable packaging for its products.

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