‘My Conti’, ‘Kiosk Solidário’ and ‘ContinenteGive’ were the winning projects of the 1st edition of the Missão Continente Hackathon, which took place in Aldeia da Luz, in Alentejo, and which challenged entrepreneurs and investors to think of disruptive technological solutions to impact the development of solidarity campaigns and bring the Missão Continente School to all children in the national territory.

The ‘My Conti’ gaming APP, created by Catarina Lima and Raquel Costa, Biomedical and Biophysical Engineering university students, won first place and the prize of 1,500€ with the innovative idea of promoting and teaching how to improve quality of life, healthy eating and the best ways to recycle through an interactive game. Aimed at children ranging from preschool up to the 2nd stage of basic education, players complete the proposed interactive challenges/tasks (using the cell phone camera), accumulate points and receive rewards such as stuffed animals or sticker books, for example.

The 2nd place, worth 1,000€, was awarded to João Colaço for his ‘Kiosk Solidário’ project, which promotes donations of goods and money in real time through a web app. This platform, created by this IT engineer from Lisbon, allows people to follow solidarity campaigns and actions, to see the amounts raised so far and to obtain information on how to help directly.

Pedro Esteves was the third place finisher in this hackathon, with a prize of 500€. The IT engineer from IST created a low-code app that gamifies Missão Continente within school communities.

ContinenteGive’ promotes conscious consumption and healthy eating, helping those who need it the most. At the same time, with the help of this digital tool, schools are able to carry out practical activities about the food circle and sensitize young people to the need to collect food that can help others.

This Hackathon, which was born from the challenge launched by the ’Portugal Inovação Social (PIS)’ initiative, for Missão Continente to join the ‘Aldeia da Inovação Social’, was designed to promote reflection on social innovation and new ways of acting by Missão Continente, encouraging the creation of disruptive technological solutions, to impact the development of solidarity campaigns and ways of getting the Missão Continente School to reach all children in the national territory.

Missão Continente is Continente’s brand of social responsibility, which is anchored in the values of community, mutual help, and care for others, in the search for a sustainable future. It is committed to Sustainability, contributing positively to the communities in which it operates and acting on three axes: Food, People and Planet. Together with several partners and national reference entities, it responds to social needs and reinforces the idea that each of us must play our role, whether big or small, in order to help each other.

Missão Continente, 20 years thinking about others





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