‘Palco Arraial’ is one of the great novelties of the 6th edition of the Continente Food Festival, the festival that offers a stage for all tastes, which takes place in Porto’s City Park, on the 6th and 7th of July 2024, with completely free entry. This new space, dedicated to a younger audience, provides a lively and festive atmosphere, featuring the artists Toy, Romana, Rebeca, 4Mens and the Turb’ó Baile group, inspired by traditional summer festivals.

Toy, one of the renowned artists who will rock the ‘Arraial’ Stage of the Continente Food Festival on July 6th, at 8pm, is recognized for his singular talent and his musical successes that won the hearts of the Portuguese public, with songs such as ‘Olhos de Água’ and ‘És tão Sensual’ or ‘Pôr do sol’. The Portuguese singer and artist, Romana, known for her powerful voice and captivating presence in the world of Portuguese music, will be featured on the ‘Arraial’ Stage on July 6th at 5pm.

The ‘Arraial’ Stage at the Continente Food Festival will also feature the presence of other renowned artists, such as Rebeca, 4Mens and the Turb’ó Baile group. Rebeca, known for her contagious energy and fusion of musical styles, promises to bring to the stage a unique mix of rhythms that will entertain the audience on July 7th, at 4 pm. The 4Mens, with their diverse and captivating repertoire, aim to provide moments of relaxation and fun for all ages, on July 7th, at 7pm. The Turb’ó Baile group, from the same creators as Revenge of the 90’s, whose talent and charisma win over admirers across the country, will present a performance full of rhythm and joy, on July 6th, starting at 11:15 pm.

The Continente Food Festival, a festival for everyone, offers a unique and innovative experience to visitors and the ‘Arraial’ Stage is a reflection of this commitment. The space, inspired by a popular festival, promises to be a highlight of the festival, where music, joy and fun come together to celebrate Portuguese culture and traditions, in order to rejuvenate the festival.

The Continente Food Festival’s 6th edition promises two days full of gastronomic experiences with the opportunity to sample meals prepared by renowned Chefs, as well as participate in showcookings, tastings, wine tastings, among many other activities. The Continente Food Festival is a pet friendly and sustainable event, recognized by ‘Sociedade Ponto Verde’, with 3R6 certification.

Continente, through the Food Festival, aims to democratize access to entertainment through music, gastronomy with prestigious Chefs, and provide family moments with multiple free activities, accessible to everyone who visits this festival.

The festival’s full programme and music line-up will be announced via the brand’s platforms and social media.

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