ZU will feature a space at the Continente Food Festival

The Continente Food Festival, which will take place on July 9th and 10th, in Porto’s City Park, will feature a space equipped to receive dogs, cats and their owners, specially designed for “pet lover” families and which will also include activities for children.

Duly equipped with beds, drinking fountains and accessories, this space by ZU, Sonae MC’s specialized retail brand dedicated to the well-being and health care of pets, will also provide a set of specific initiatives for families, children and their pets, such as games, challenges, pastimes, gift giveaways, vouchers and discounts throughout the weekend.

The site will feature the presence, on a permanent basis, of a veterinarian. A professional ready not only to answer “pet lover” families’ questions or schedule appointments at a brand store, but also to challenge the little ones to put on the veterinary scrubs and have the opportunity to learn, in practice, what it consists of and what is done in this profession.

In parallel, and still in this Vet Space, activities for the whole family will take place, where gifts and offers will be distributed. One of the actions, as an example, will be to challenge the pet owners’ knowledge with a set of questions: “Do you know everything about your pet’s health?”. Whoever gets them right will win special prizes.

At the ZU space, which will be open on both days between 11:00 am and 8:30 pm, it will be possible, among other activities, to design and customize leads for the animals, have access to books on pets and watch story moments, as well as weighing the animals, watch how to do clipping and other grooming care, take Polaroid photos with our four-legged friends to later remember and participate in a series of pastimes and challenges where prizes, treats and surprises will be a constant. And even the ‘Super Pets’ film’s mascots, which opens soon in theatres, will be present.

In partnership with brands such as ‘Royal Canin’, ‘Purina PRO PLAN’, ‘ELANCO’, ‘Luben’, ‘Zee.Dog’, ‘Artero’, ‘DTC’, ‘Dashi’, ‘Note!’ and ‘Warner Bros’, there will be 300m2 specially prepared for families and their pets to have fun, with many gifts in the mix, but without forgetting that they all need rest and comfort. Thus, there will also be a lounge space available, properly equipped so that kids, adults and pets can also relax.

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