To celebrate Women’s Day (March 8th), for each orchid (€7.99) or anthurium (€8.99) sold, in a vase, between February 28th and March 9th, at Continente stores, Missão Continente will donate 1 euro to ‘UMAR’ - Alternative and Response Women’s Union.

Founded in 1976, the ‘UMAR’ association plays an important role in defending women’s rights in favour of equality and against domestic and gender-based violence in Portugal. Every year, the institution supports around 700 women who are victims of domestic violence, in social responses such as Shelter houses, Autonomization Apartments, Assistance and Monitoring Centres for women victims of violence, and the Departments of Investigation and Criminal Action’s (DIAP) Victim Support Offices, from different regions of the country.

Missão Continente is one of the entities that permanently collaborates with the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality and with the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality in mobilizing urgent responses and supporting the work of the National Support Network for Victims of Domestic Violence’s (RNAVVD) structures.

In support of the gender equality cause, Missão Continente has also collaborated with other entities, such as the ‘Associação Mulheres Sem Fronteiras’, through the donation of goods, and is a partner of the ‘Associação Corações com Coroa’, an NGOD chaired by Catarina Furtado (Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Population Fund), whose mission is to act against violence and ensure respect for the fundamental rights of all people, in particular, through projects dedicated to girls and women.

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