In 2021, Continente’s Private Label accounted for around 750 million euros, in the food area, registering a growth of more than 20% in the last two years (that is, an additional 125 million euros). To showcase the variety and quality of Continente products, the Private Label Market is taking place in all stores throughout the country, until March 6th.

Last year, of the total number of brands in Sonae’s food universe, 99.26% of customers bought our private label. In addition to the items included in the customers’ basic basket, the most sought-after private label products are straciatella yoghurts (liquid and mythos) and the Continente exclusive coffee system, which had a repeat purchase rate of over 60% in 2021.

According to Tânia Lucas, MC’s new Private Label Commercial Director, “Continente has a very close relationship with its customers, and we believe that this is also what allows us to assume the undisputed leadership of the private label market in Portugal.” According to the official, of the approximately 360 products launched every year by the brand, “each novelty launched always involves, at least, 60 consumers, who evaluate not only the flavours and textures, but also the name and packaging options. For the ‘+Proteína’ range (high protein liquid yogurts), for example, we relied on around 350 tasters who, in addition to choosing the range’s name, image and information highlighted on the packaging, also defined the available flavours and ensure that Continente products are the best evaluated among the rest of the market’s offer. Another example of collaborative development is the ‘Powered by Plants’ range (vegetarian products), in which customers not only selected the products that make up the range, helped design the packaging with our designers, but also challenged us to develop other products that will arrive to stores this year.

In addition to the wide range of nutritionally balanced products, Continente has continuously improved its products’ nutritional composition and seeks to accelerate the transition to a circular economy in plastics, with the involvement of both suppliers and customers. An example of this is “the recent ‘Fora da Caixa’ (out of the box) initiative (a digital platform hosted on the Continente Responsible Plastic website), where consumers can express their ideas on how to make Continente’s packaging more sustainable, in which we received more than 700 suggestions, in the first month alone, and that we are developing, along with our suppliers, to reach the market in 2022”, adds Tânia Lucas.

Privileging national production and long-term partnerships with suppliers are other of Continente’s commitments: two out of three private label products are produced in Portugal, thus contributing decisively to the development and economic sustainability of the Portuguese business fabric.

The Continente brand has more than 4,000 product references that are present in the daily lives of Portuguese families, namely through the ‘Continente’, ‘Continente Equilíbrio’, ‘Continente ECO’, ‘Continente do Bebé’, ‘Continente Seleção’ and ‘Continente Bio’ ranges.

Some products featured at the Continente Private Label Market:

  • Continente Gourmet Crisps 170g (RRP: €0.99)

  • Continente Cooperative Olive Oil 0.75l (Promotional RRP: €3.09)

  • Continente Nutchoc Biscuits 175g (Promotional RRP: €1.49)

  • Continente Exclusive Coffee System 16 Capsules (promotional RRP: €3.29)

  • Powered by Plants Burgers, Nuggets and Meatballs (from €2.69)

  • Continente toothpaste (from €0.69)

  • Continente Power+ Manual dishwashing detergents 500ml (RRP: €1.39)

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