In face of the social emergency that is plaguing Ukraine, Missão Continente is organizing a fundraiser across the country, through the various brand stores, from March 4th to 27th, in a joint effort with the Portuguese Red Cross and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, which is part of the largest humanitarian network in the world and coordinates the international aid provided by national societies to disaster victims.

For the first time, Missão Continente extends its campaign to other MC and the Sonae group’s brands: the ‘Ukraine Support Mission’ initiative takes place in the ‘Continente’, ‘Continente Modelo’, ‘Continente Bom Dia’, ‘Continente Online’, ‘Meu Super’, ‘Go Natural’, ‘Bagga’, ‘Wells’, ‘Dr. Well’s’, ‘note!’, ‘ZU’, ‘Home Story’ and ‘MO’ stores across the country, through the sale of €1 or €5 vouchers.

The collected amount will be donated in full to the Portuguese Red Cross Emergency Fund, which will help to respond to the needs of the Ukrainian population identified in the field, with all types of materials that are necessary (such as tents, blankets, food and medicine), as well as to refugees who, in the meantime, arrive in Portugal (with clothes, food and medicine).

Missão Continente lauches this emergency campaign with a donation of 50 thousand euros that will add to the amount raised in stores.

In face of the serious crisis that is ravaging Europe, Missão Continente cannot remain indifferent and has joined efforts to, in an immediate response, create conditions to support the Ukrainian people. Through the partnership with the Portuguese Red Cross and with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, we trust in the solidarity of the Portuguese so that support reaches those who need it the most, both in the Ukrainian border areas and in our own country, when refugees arrive” says José Fortunato, President of Missão Continente.

The Portuguese Red Cross is, in coordination with the Committee and the Red Cross International Federation, building up to respond to the victims of the conflict. At this stage, the important thing is to guarantee the financial conditions so that the field teams can fulfil their mission. The generosity of the Portuguese has been, once again, moving. The same can be said about the companies that launch initiatives, such as this one by Missão Continente, which embody their mission of social responsibility. This campaign comes at the right time and we are sure that the Portuguese will, once again, say “present”. To all, in advance, thank you very much!”, says Ana Jorge, President of the Portuguese Red Cross.

The Portuguese Red Cross Emergency Fund exists to finance the emergency response to catastrophes, disasters and other exceptional situations, allowing to bring the necessary resources and aid, quickly and efficiently, to the people who have their lives, health or dignity threatened. Thus, the Portuguese Red Cross Emergency Fund is able to distribute adequate food, provide drinking water, install basic hygiene and sanitation systems and temporary shelter, as well as provide medical care, including psychological support, following a catastrophe. And, after the threat has passed, it is able provide the necessary support in the rehabilitation of the affected people and communities. The humanitarian action of the Portuguese Red Cross Emergency Fund is neutral, impartial and supports the most vulnerable people.

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