Since 2018, Wells has celebrated more than 200,000 births by gifting the Baby Wells Kit and this year renews the offer, reminding all parents and future parents that they are not alone.

Over the past five years, Wells has welcomed every family new to parenthood and celebrated every birth with the Baby Wells Kit offering. Since 2018, the brand has already delivered more than 200,000 Baby Wells Kits, which represent more than 50% of the babies born in Portugal, and, in 2023, it will renew this initiative.

For Marta Castro, Health Wellness & Beauty Marketing Director at MC Sonae, “this is an initiative in which we are very proud and which has allowed Wells to be at the side of families, in such a special moment as the arrival of a baby. Year after year, the participation of families is increasing, this year alone we delivered more than 45,000 Baby Wells Kits and we want to reach even more families. In addition to gifting the Kit, as a specialist brand, we also want to accompany parents and babies at each growth stage, by providing useful and credible information, in a light and uncomplicated way, as we did this year with the #BemVindoaoClube podcast.

The Baby Wells Kit consists of five hygiene and baby care products, the ‘Necas doudou’ and even a little treat for the mother, and can be ordered, after the baby is born, by registering at futuro.wells.pt.

The #BemVindoaoClube podcast was developed in partnership with Nurse Carmen, specialist in Maternal Health and Obstetrics, who, in 24 episodes, clarifies and demystifies all topics related to the various pregnancy trimesters, the baby’s arrival and life after childbirth. Depending on the topics being addressed, it also features the participation of specialists from different areas such as – gynaecology and obstetrics, pelvic physiotherapy, child psychology and paediatrics – and well-known parents such as Filipa Galrão, João Montez, Mia Relógio, who share their experiences.

All episodes are available on Spotify and on the brand’s YouTube channel and it is possible to follow all the news on Baby Wells’ social networks: @babywells_oficial (Instagram) and @babywellsoficial (Facebook).

In 2023, Wells intends to continue all these initiatives, being even closer to all families and supporting parents in such a special and challenging moment as parenting is.

Baby Wells, alongside the Portuguese from the very beginning

Baby Wells, Wells’ exclusive baby products brand, accompanies the baby’s different development stages with a wide range of hygiene, childcare and infant nutrition products. In 2018, the brand launched the Baby Wells Kit, a gift to all families celebrating the arrival of a baby.

Baby Wells reflects increased care and dedication to ensure that the products meet and accompany the specific needs of each of the baby’s stage, from the day they are born. The most recent launch of Eco&Pure Baby Wells Diapers, specially developed for the baby’s sensitive skin and formulated without the use of chlorine, perfume, natural latex or lotions, reinforces our concern and respect for the environment. Currently, Baby Wells has more than 100 products across the brand.

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