Portuguese consumers have just chosen Meu Super as the No. 1 brand in the ‘Proximity Supermarkets’ category in the 2023 Consumer Choice award, for the 8th consecutive year.

The Consumer Choice award, which is now in its 11th edition, rewards brands according to thousands of consumers’ feedback, having Meu Super supermarkets presented the highest level of satisfaction or recommendation attributed by customers, based on their performance in 2022.

João Melo, Meu Super’s general manager highlights that “it is with great pride that we receive this distinction for the 8th consecutive year, proving the recognition and satisfaction of Portuguese customers for our brand. Every day we work to improve our concept, a proximity service, which responds to the needs of today’s consumers through a complete, efficient and fast service”.

In this year’s Consumer Choice award’s evaluation process, more than 220,000 evaluations were carried out on 1100 brands from sectors as diverse as Media, Food, Travel and Leisure, Products, Home Equipment and Hygiene, Personal Care, Services and Specialized Commerce, Beauty Products and Services, Child Care, Finance, Automotive, Rail Transport and Telecommunications.

Consumers identify, in a first phase, which attributes they most value in their relationship with brands and then make their assessment using more appropriate assessment methodologies (product trials, mystery shopper, and online audits, among others). The brands awarded by consumers are the brands that best completed the attributes most required and valued by consumers during 2022 and that, after this assessment, reached the highest satisfaction levels.

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