“A Cuisine made of origin, flavour and choice variety” is how ‘Cozinha Continente’ (Continente Kitchen) is defined, which recently opened another MC restaurant and take-away space. ‘Cozinha Continente’, with the signature of Executive Chef André Matos, opened its third restaurant in Telheiras’ Continente, in Lisbon, after the previous openings’ success, in Vila Real’s Continente and Viseu’s Continente, still in 2022. The restaurants are open daily from 8 am to 10 pm and share a transversal offer at all times of the day, including an integrated Cafeteria service.

Duck Rice, ‘Zé do Pipo’ Cod, ‘Cozido à Portuguesa’ or Cod Fritters with Bean Rice are some of the traditional meals that customers can find at ‘Cozinha Continente’, where we can also find several vegetarian food options. The dishes are made with fresh and natural ingredients, prioritizing quality and respecting the authenticity of traditional Portuguese food.

Besides traditional dishes, there are also wood-fired pizzas, with classic or wholemeal dough and fresh ingredients, and grilled meat and fish, cooked in charcoal ovens that combine technology with the ancient art of grilling over coals, resulting on grills with an unmistakable succulence and aroma. There are also fresh salads and classic sandwiches, such as the Loin ‘Prego’ (beef with fries, rice and fried egg) or the Angus Hamburger, for a lighter and quicker meal. To complement the meal, traditional desserts are available, such as Chocolate Mousse or Sweet Rice, and a Chef's innovation: Salted Caramel Pudding with Popcorn.

Telheiras’ Continente now has a new restaurant space, in which more than 30 employees work, which complements the ready-to-eat food offer, available at the new ‘Cozinha Continente’ take-away counter, located at the store’s entrance, next to the restaurant.

‘Cozinha Continente’ restaurants provide a comfortable space for customers to enjoy all the delicacies in a pleasant environment, but also offer a take-away service with several options to take home or to order from the various delivery platforms (Bolt Foods, Glovo and Uber Eats).

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