The more than 4 million customers who are Continente Card holders received a personalized summary of their year of accumulated savings on their card across all associated brands, stating the number of times they used it, their favourite brands and products and savings at Galp. Customers had the opportunity to remember 2022 in a unique way.

The year in review for each customer, in addition to being sent by email or SMS, is available on the Continente Card App. Customers also had access to some curiosities regarding their use of the App, namely their level of participation in the Savings Games throughout the year.

In 2022, more than 2.2 million customers used the Continente Card App, where more than 11 million prizes were gifted to customers who played the Savings Games. Eight thousand trees were saved thanks to the customers who signed up for the Electronic Invoice.

Continente Pay, being a payment method that becomes easy and safe in everyday purchases, brings many advantages to customers. It allows for payments at all Continente stores, Go Natural supermarkets, Wells stores, as well as MO, note! and ZU stores. To use it, customers just need to have the Continente Card and the respective App installed on their mobile phone, which can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

Continente Card is the largest discount card in the country and can currently be used at more than two thousand points of sale, with exclusive discounts on Continente as well as in a wide network of partners such as Galp, Wells, MO, Meu Super, Zippy, Bagga, note!, Go Natural, ZU, Pizza Hut, Pans&Company, KFC, Pasta Caffé, Miit, SOL, TacoBell, Home Story, and TAP Miles & Go.

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