The Portuguese Association of Voluntary Firefighters (APBV) awarded the “Golden Grade” Good Services Medal to Missão Continente, for having contributed to the Association’s prestige and exposure at both local and national levels.

The Medal was awarded to Missão Continente by the APBV’s Chairman of the Board, João Marques, during the celebrations of the APBV’s 16th Anniversary, on December 4th, at the Association’s 1st Award Ceremony.

The “Golden Grade” Good Services Medal distinguishes the conduct and support demonstrated by Missão Continente during this year, namely the 30,000 euros raised with the sale of the 1st edition of Missão Continente’s solidarity shopping bag, which allowed the purchase of Automatic External Defibrillators, as well as the 1,400 euros raised with the activation of the “Volta a Portugal” Bike Tour”, says João Marques, Chairman of the Board of the APBV. “This award given to Missão Continente represents our great appreciation for all the support initiatives shown, which allow us to help even more people”, adds João Marques.

It is an enormous privilege for us to receive such an important award from the Portuguese Association of Voluntary Firefighters. Missão Continente’s work aims to create social value and take care of the communities where we operate, and that is why we have made a point of contributing whenever possible to the APBV and its corporations, because the support that firefighters provide, every day, to the population is essential and it never hurts to be recognized. Missão Continente looks at APBV as a fundamental partner in its mission, and we will continue to work together whenever possible, for a better future for all”, explains Nádia Reis, Director of Social Responsibility for Continente.

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