As of today, Vila do Conde Retail Park has a new Continente store, featuring Note! and Wells brands, resulting in the creation of a total of 56 jobs. The new Continente Bom Dia Vila do Conde store is open daily from 8:30 am to 10:00 pm and has a sales area of ​​around 1425m2.

To mark its arrival in the region, Missão Continente offered shopping carts filled with essential goods to the institutions sponsored by the new store: The Labruge Parish Social Centre, represented by its Technical Director, Beatriz Lopes; the ‘4 for 1’ Animal Protection Association, represented by its President, Fernando Silva; and the Mosteiró’s Social Solidarity Association, represented by the President of the Board, Maria Albina Padrão as well as the Social Worker, Márcia Vieira.

These institutions will be permanently supported by Missão Continente, through the donation of the new Continente Bom Dia Vila do Conde store’s daily food surpluses. In the area surrounding the store, another 5 social solidarity institutions are also supported.

This opening reinforces Continente’s commitment to Porto’s district and the municipality of Vila do Conde, which now have 65 and 2 stores, respectively.

Continente Bom Dia Vila do Conde, like all the brand’s stores, allows consumers to use reusable bags when buying fruit, vegetables or bakeries. It also allows consumers to be active in fighting food waste, by having 0% waste boxes, with 5 kg of fruits and vegetables in good consumption conditions, but close to the limit of their shelf life, for sale for €0.50/ kg. We also highlight the fresh and seasonal products always available, from fruits and vegetables, to the bakery, butcher and fishmonger services that the store offers, with regional products.

The opening of the space is marked by a 10% discount on Continente Card campaign, throughout the store, between the 26th and the 28th of November.

On the environmental front, it is worth highlighting the availability of equipment where consumers can deposit used cooking oil, used batteries and cork stoppers, which will later be sent for recycling. In terms of lighting, the store has 100% LED low-consumption light bulbs, and also equipment to control and reduce potential excessive water consumption.

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