Valentine’s Day special edition – new Dunkin’ flavours in Continente

Pink passion and Cheesecake crush - for a € 4 RRP.

Valentine’s Cheesecake is a doughnut filled with cheesecake, with a sweet pink sugar icing; Sweetheart Sprinkle has a white cocoa filling and is decorated with hearts; Pink passion is a doughnut with white cocoa filling, with sweet pink icing and festive sprinkles; and Cheesecake crush stuffed with cheesecake, has a rich cocoa icing and dark chocolate sprinkles. These are sweet flavours that intend to serve as inspiration for couples in love, to surprise their loved ones on Valentine's Day, even during confinement periods.

“Feed your American side” is this Continente campaign’s motto, which encourages everyone to taste the famous doughnuts that we frequently see in American films and series. These doughnuts from the Dunkin’ brand are for sale, exclusively, in Continente stores, with a permanent range of four different varieties.

Crumble cheesecake, with cheesecake filling and cream and cookie icing and Cocoa Hazelnut, with cocoa and hazelnut filling, cocoa icing and colourful topping are the latest in the range. Boston Kreme, a classic ring filled with cream and chocolate icing, and Strawberry Sprinkle, a ring with strawberry filling and coloured topping were the first references to be sold.

Dunkin' doughnuts have been for sale exclusively at Continente stores since the end of 2020, in a pre-packaged format, for a € 2 RRP (2 units). The American brand’s and Continente’s goal is to increase the range of products for sale in stores, in order to surprise the consumer with different novelties.

Dunkin’ is one of the most recognized companies and a world leader in the coffee shop segment, with 12,600 restaurants in 40 countries around the world and 240 stores in Europe.

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