Continente Card App reaches 600k users

“Not having the Cartão Continente App is so last century” is the name of the commemorative campaign.

Cartão Continente App has just reached the 600.000 users mark and, to celebrate, Continente is releasing a brand new multimedia campaign in television, radio, digital and outdoor all over national territory, featuring Herman José with the motto “Not having Continente Card App is so last century”. The new app, launched in 2018, replaces the use of the physical card and discount coupons at participating stores.

In the advertising spot, Herman José appears as a noble figure in his 18th century palace, assisted by a servant, while watching his own portray being painted, by a period artist. In a characteristic humorous moment, Herman José advocates for the advantages of having the mobile app, an evident anachronism.

Not using the Cartão Continente App sounds like a thing from the past, say all 600.000 users that take daily advantage of the Largest Discount Card of the Country’s app, offering all Portuguese families, year after year, innumerous advantages and unique opportunities. An absolute revolution in day-to-day shopping and savings opportunities, with discounts available for consultation: coupons, receipts, flyers, paper-free, always at hand.

Cartão Continente App allows customers to check their shopping history, available coupons and receipts issued in the last 30 days by Continente, as well as the consultation and use of the remaining balance at Continente stores and card associated brands. The “Like” and “Dislike” buttons, popularized by social media, allow users to display coupons by preference. The app is available for IOS and Android systems, at App Store and Play Store.

The Continente Card is a savings’ ecossystem with over 10 years of existence, that offers clients the opportunity to save on over 2.000 stores such as Well’s, Galp, MO, Meu Super, Zippy, Bagga, note!, ZU, Go Natural, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Pans, KFC, Ó’ Kilo and Pasta Caffe, amongst others.

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