Healthy recipes Live and #CozinhaAdentro

The 'Cozinha Adentro' feed will allow you to enter, daily, live, in the kitchen of several influencers who will show simple, healthy and very tasty recipes. Until April 22nd, the #CozinhaAdentro program on 'Bio & Healthy' social networks (Instagram and Facebook), Continente’s healthy and organic space, has simple suggestions, that allow you to slow down and enjoy family time, in this social isolation phase that the country is going through.

Filipa Gomes, Mafalda Almeida and Nuno Queiroz Ribeiro are some of the participants who, over 10 days, will make daily live feeds on their Instagram profiles, to show that eating healthy can be very simple and tasty. The 'Cozinha Adentro' feed will go live "inside the kitchen" of 10 influencers, in a partnership with SMEG Portugal.

This initiative is part of the #MaisTempoBio program with daily content sharing, such as hygiene and safety tips (such as washing food properly), activities to do with children at home, DIY tips to stimulate creativity (like planting an avocado tree), practical and healthy recipes (asparagus and mushroom risotto), physical exercise suggestions to do at home (first steps to meditate) and sharing posts by followers.

The purpose of this 'Bio & Healthy' initiative is to share relevant, simple and positive content to help families face this stage with more optimism.

#CozinhaAdentro program:
• April 16 (Thursday); 7:30 pm - Mafalda Sena - (@SENASAUDAVEIS)
• April 17th (Friday); 7:30 pm - Nuno Mota - (@ALHOFRANCES)
• April 18 (Saturday); 12:30 pm - Filipa Gomes - (@_FILIPAGOMES_)
• April 19 (Sunday); 11 am - Mafalda Almeida - (@MAFALDARALMEIDA)
• April 20 (Monday); 7:30 pm - Ana Monteiro - (@ LARANJA.LIMA.NUTRICAO)
• April 21 (Tuesday); 7:30 pm - Filipa Mello - (@CACAUTERRAMIA)
• April 22 (Wednesday); 7:30 pm - Bárbara Oliveira - (@BARBARAFDEOLIVEIRA_NUTRI)

Continente has been adapting its communication in order to keep customers informed about its stores’ operation, employees’ safety measures as well as protection precautions to be taken on a daily basis and, in particular, when going out shopping.

“During the times we are living in, we want to continue to be an inspiration to everyone who follows us. Until April 22nd, we will “enter the kitchen” of several profiles that are already familiar to our followers, to bring you healthy, tasty and very easy to make recipes! Follow the 'Bio & Healthy’s' and SMEG Portugal’s social networks to find out who is going to meet with us live. 'Vamos entrar Cozinha Adentro!' (Let’s enter the kitchen!)”, say the heads of SMEG Portugal.

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