Missão Continente developed a solidarity shopping bag

Missão Continente developed a solidarity shopping bag whose sales will revert to the Portuguese Red Cross (CVP). The amount raised will be used to increase the team that manages the requests for support that arrive daily, as the institution's response capacity has a direct impact on the number of supported Portuguese.

A Long-standing faithful partner and, with the aim of supporting CVP in the development of its team and the ability to respond to, and manage orders, Missão Continente created a reusable shopping bag with an exclusive design that reads “Este saco está cheio de Esperança” (“This bag is full of Hope"). The bag, which is already available in all 41 Continente hypermarkets nationwide, is on sale for € 1, of which € 0.50 are to be delivered to the institution.

Currently, there are more than 80,000 requests for aid received by CVP, which is deployed in 147 delegations across the country with more than ten thousand active volunteers, with the aim of helping as many citizens as possible.

According to Susana Marques, Secretary General of CVP “The increase of more than 40% of requests for support from families whose Pandemic victimized, requires the mobilization of more resources, namely, management and logistics of the donations in kind that we receive.”

Nádia Reis, Continente’s Communication and Social Responsibility Director explains that Missão Continente is focused on the social response to all Portuguese people who need it, “because it is impossible to ignore the reality that the pandemic has installed. Our commitment is to ensure that, even in the most acute cases, the basic need for food is assured. We are confident that we will come out of this stronger, as a country, as citizens, as a united community that is always in solidarity for the sake of a common and greater good. Missão Continente’s partnership with the Portuguese Red Cross is a long-standing one, precisely because we know the relevance of its work within the communities and the importance of a swift response to all families that may be in a situation of greater fragility.”

“This bag is full of hope” sets the tone for the initiative that aims to involve the community in supporting solidarity causes, and all it takes is to acquire a bag to make a difference in the lives of those who are going through more challenging times.

After the most recent “Todos por Todos” (“All for All”) campaign, which resulted in the largest collection of food in memory, equivalent to 1.2 million euros and which will help another 500 thousand people, CVP again joins with Missão Continente in a solidary initiative.


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