Missão Continente set up a hospital unit in the City of Football

Missão Continente is donating all the food necessary for the operation of the backup hospital unit set up in the “Casa dos Atletas” (Athletes' House - City of Football), which the Portuguese Football Federation has made available to the Ministry of Health. The space has started to function as a backup unit for patients who need hospitalization and medical surveillance, as a way to relieve the occupation of hospital wards.

This unit’s clinical and operational coordination will be entirely under the responsibility of the Lisbon and Vale do Tejo’s Regional Health Administration. The Portuguese Football Federation will ensure the provision of facilities and the provision of food and cleaning services necessary for the good use of the space. Missão Continente readily offered to cooperate, with around 25,000 units of food, including olive oil, milk, fruits and vegetables, pasta, rice, yoghurts (and many more products), for the patients and work teams at the 'makeshift hospital'.

Nádia Reis, Continente’s Communication and Social Responsibility Director, says that “Missão Continente has been constantly following the evolution of needs, not only of official entities but also of solidarity institutions and the most vulnerable population, in order to give an immediate and useful response. This new support unit promptly provided by the Portuguese Football Federation and created urgently for the overwhelming pandemic context that the country is experiencing, had Missão Continente’s immediate support. We believe that by joining efforts we will always be able to provide emerging social responses and to those who need it the most”.

Since the arrival of the new coronavirus in Portugal, Missão Continente has responded to numerous requests for support, distributing thousands of food and hygiene goods, among others, to hundreds of entities including hospitals, municipalities and solidarity institutions, with the aim of helping not only the most vulnerable and in a situation of illness, but also health professionals and civil protection agents who remain at the forefront in the fight against COVID-19.

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