Composed of six episodes, the ‘Luzes com Presença’ mini webseries documentary, available on YouTube, shows the testimonies of those who suffer from loneliness and social isolation in Portugal, and the work done by the institutions and volunteers who accompany them. From a village with 19 inhabitants all the way to Greater Porto, the episodes, of about 3 and a half minutes each, show that this phenomenon does not choose geography, age or social status, but there are those who are attentive and dedicated to reversing the scenario.

The first 3 episodes of the webseries documentary, launched this month, which portray the work of Portuguese institutions in supporting people at risk or in actual situations of loneliness and social isolation in Portugal, are now available on Continente’s Youtube channel. Each episode also shows first-hand testimonies by those supported by these projects.

The 1st episode ‘(quase) Esquecidos’ ((almost) Forgotten) was filmed in a village in the district of Viseu, with just 19 inhabitants, and is dedicated to the ‘Aldeias Humanitar’ project, whose volunteers provide complementary health care at home (or on the field, while grazing cattle), free of charge, in ten municipalities in Douro South. In addition to visits, the project that has been fighting human homelessness in the interior of Portugal since 2017, created the ‘Humanitar’ phone line, available 24 hours a day, and those who are recipients of this aid ensure that “we're alone here, we already know that it is a little harder, but [our days] go by (…) a little easier and happier now that the nurses come here to visit us, once in a while”.

In the 2nd episode, ‘Espaço para Todos’ (Room for All), two ‘Espaço T’ users, in Porto, explain how the association promotes positive occupation and social integration through art. “Since my brother died, I've been feeling down. Sad. Hurt. Alone [takes a deep breath] (…) ‘Espaço T’ is all I have in my life. They were the ones who opened their doors, so I wouldn't feel alone”, is heard.

‘À Deriva’ (Adrift), the 3rd episode released, mixes the landscape of São Miguel in the Azores, images of a ‘marralhinha’ game (traditional game) and gym classes at ‘Cresaçor’, a regional cooperative that promotes local and community development. “…Then I come home feeling my body lighter (...) It's great to exercise. It's a day when we don't think about life” says one of the residents.

The remaining episodes are scheduled to premiere during the last two weeks of December and the first of the new year, and were recorded in the south of mainland Portugal – Lisbon and Faro – to tell the stories of those supported by the Portuguese Red Cross, by the ‘SOS Voz Amiga’ association and by ‘ACASO’ - Cultural and Social Support Association of Olhão.

The documentary webseries is the result of Adagietto’s direction and production, in a joint effort with Recodd Visuals. A team of 8 people travelled across the country, over 5 weeks, collecting dozens of interviews and testimonies.

Although we are a small country, there are many stories to tell. Like the stories of those who live in solitude or in isolation, but also the stories of those who are there to provide support, a friendly shoulder. This year, Missão Continente, in its Christmas campaign, decided to support projects that fight and prevent loneliness and social isolation in Portugal, and in the process we discovered associations and people who are really committed to reversing this scenario that already existed before the pandemic, but which was greatly aggravated by it. And any recognition of what they do will always be insufficient. This mini-series wanted to provide a stage for projects, associations, their users and how urgent it is for us to recognize these phenomena so that we can fight them” explained Nádia Reis, Director of Communication and Social Responsibility at Continente.

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