This year, Meu Super supermarkets donated a total of 3000 kg of food through campaigns, together with ‘Animalife’ and the Portuguese Red Cross, in a total of 3500 shopping vouchers.

In its 10th anniversary year, Meu Super opened 37 commercial spaces in Mainland Portugal, Madeira, Azores and Cape Verde, continuing the brand’s expansion strategy, which allowed for more than 300 stores across the country, with a total sales area of 50 thousand m2 and the creation of more than 1500 jobs.

Fighting food waste is also one of the priorities of Sonae MC’s proximity brand, which, in 2021, avoided wasting a total of 6787 ‘magic boxes’ that were in good consumption conditions, through the ‘Too Good To Go’ app. The ‘magic boxes’, with a single price of €2.99 or €3.99, allow customers to find several different items, including fruits, vegetables, biscuits, cakes, juices, yogurts, among others.

According to Tomás Lince Fernandes, General Director at Meu Super, “food waste is everyone’s problem and is a serious challenge for the sustainable food system. That’s why at Meu Super we continue to fight tirelessly to reduce the waste of food in consumption conditions".

The donated items are considered surplus when they lose their commercial character, but preserve all food safety and hygiene conditions, being in good consumption condition. These include fresh products such as fruit, groceries and bakery items, among other food items, and are ways to avoid wasting food in a circular economy logic.

Meu Super stores are distinguished by their quality fresh products, the featuring of Continente’s private label products and other leading brands in the market, competitive prices and an attractive promotional plan, reinforced by the possibility of using the Continente card, which allows for in-store discounts and benefits in a wide network of partners.

In 2020, Meu Super stores’ sales exceeded €171 million, reinforcing its position in the segment of stores with less than 400 m2.

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