‘There are no wishes like ours’ is the motto of Continente’s new campaign, created for the entry into the new year, which portrays the wishes of 9 people in 9 different films: some want to travel, others want more time with their families, some want to (re)start, others to speed up or slow down. There is even a film with the brand’s wishes, which wants to continue fighting against loneliness and social isolation.

The optimistic campaign, created by Fuel, aims to convey a positive message that inspires and motivates the Portuguese to achieve their dreams (even if they don’t match the expectations that others may have), at the time of the year that is most conducive to balances and new resolutions.

Featured on television, in stores and online, the campaign addresses New Year’s Eve in a hopeful tone, continuing what Continente has been communicating, with stories in which Portuguese families can see each other again, because ‘there are no wishes like ours’ and 2022 ‘is the year to get what you want done’.



Creative Director: João Madeira

Art Director: Tanja Costa

Copywriter: Sofia Menezes

Production Director: Pedro Silva

Editor: Tiago Filipe Sores

Sound: Índigo

Group Account Director: Tita Martins

Account Executive: Catarina Anacleto

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