“Recapping: the best of school is back” is the motto of the campaign that Continente is presenting on TV, digital and outdoors. The film recalls the good side of school, resuming everything that was most missed during the holidays or teleschool, and going back to all the things that were left in abeyance.

Continente's new multimedia campaign shows that, this year, the return to school is more emotional because, after two years between regular school classes and teleschool, there are moments in school life that are missed. The film shows some moments in school life that remained in abeyance, and which later are resumed, with the help of a kid who enters this universe and unlocks them. Between TikTok dances, the first kiss, the excitement of a football game and errands in the middle of a class, there are several kids summarizing the good side of school, going back to what happens beyond classes. The campaign features Fuel's creativity and Krypton's production.

Continente’s Back to School Market runs until September 18th, with novelties and immediate discounts on thousands of products for the beginning of the new school year, in all stores as well as online.

As in previous years, Continente's goal is to ensure that customers find in just one place everything they need for the school mission – from pre-school to university education, from textbooks to all teaching materials, supporting Portuguese families with a variety of items, featuring the main brands, and always at low prices.


Producer: Krypton

Director: Fred Oliveira

Director of Photography: Jaime Rebato

Art Director: Rui Pina

Wardrobe: Tânia Soeiro

Post-Production - Sound: Indigo

Post-Production – Image: Light Film

Music: Red Mojo

Announcer: Pedro Acabado


Creative Director: João Madeira

Art Director: Tanja Costa

Editor: Sofia Menezes

Account Director: Tita Martins

Contact: Catarina Anacleto

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