With a simpler and more appealing format, which helps customers to, quickly, simulate the products best suited to their needs, the ‘Seguros Continente’ brand - Continente’s insurance brand - launched a new website, offering Auto, Motorcycle, Health, Personal Accidents and Dog and Cat insurances.

All insurances can be simulated and subscribed via the Internet or through the ‘Seguros Continente’ phone line associated with each product.

Auto and Motorbike Insurance allows customers to choose the most convenient capital and deductibles, in addition to providing a wide range of optional coverages that customers can subscribe to, when contracting or at any other time.

With a vast network of prestigious healthcare professionals from the ‘Multicare’ network and several coverage options tailored to the needs of its customers, ‘Seguros Continente’ offers healthcare solutions that allow customers to subscribe to various market solutions, for prices ranging from €16.03/month or €192.36/year.

‘Protegio’ is Continente's personal accidents insurance, with quick and easy online subscription, and featuring three different protection levels. Among the benefits, we highlight online medical consultations and home visits by a doctor for €15; two free online consultations, per annuity; 24-hour protection; optional coverage for extreme sports and coverage valid for accidents occurring anywhere in the world.

With pets in mind, there is also an insurance especially dedicated to those interested in ensuring their pets’ well-being, as well as getting protection for possible damages against third parties (mandatory civil liability in some cases).

Reaching out to as many people as possible and improving the user experience, with a quality service at the best price, is the goal of ‘Seguros Continente’.

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