The new Continente stamps campaign has combined with the SMEG brand products’ exceptional quality and design, allowing customers to be offered an exclusive collection. The campaign runs in all Continente stores, until the 23rd of January, and includes 6 premium knives and the iconic knife block.

The 6 premium SMEG knives, exclusive to the new Continente collection, feature a blade made of German steel, corrosion resistant, easy to sharpen and an ergonomic brushed stainless steel handle. The new collection also includes the iconic knife block and is available in 3 different colours: blue, cream and black.

For every 20 euros in purchases, Continente customers receive a stamp to purchase the exclusive SMEG products. The campaign also includes a contest* that will award 16 winners with a SMEG refrigerator.

The SMEG knife range comprises a meat knife (15 cm), a multi-purpose serrated knife (13 cm), a vegetable knife (8 cm), a chef's knife (19 cm), a bread knife (19 cm) and a santoku knife (18 cm).

Continente customers also have the opportunity to win a SMEG refrigerator, available in 3 different colours at the customer's choice - cream, black and blue. In order to be eligible to win, customers have to buy a SMEG product from 18/10/2021 to 06/02/2022 and are automatically eligible to win one of the SMEG refrigerators. Every week, during the 16 weeks of the competition, a winner will be drawn, thus there will be a total of 16 winners awarded with the emblematic SMEG refrigerator.

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*This competition is aimed at all individuals, residing in Portugal, who are “Continente Card” holders and who, in the period between 18/10/2021 and 06/02/2022, make purchases of SMEG knives or knife blocks, included in the “Coleção Continente SMEG” (“Continente SMEG collection”) loyalty campaign at “Continente”, “Continente Modelo”, “Continente Bom Dia” and “Continente Online” stores located in Mainland Portugal and the Autonomous Region of Madeira, and that effectively proceed with the respective payment under the terms of the loyalty campaign’s provided conditions (in stamps or in euros).

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