Úrsula’ is the new name for the iconic Curve armchair from Continente’s home decor brand - KASA - and which is now a homage symbol to all women and to the fight for Gender Equality. For each Úrsula armchair sold, Missão Continente will donate 10 euros to the Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights.

The Úrsula Armchair is available in KASA’s new Autumn-Winter catalogue, recently launched, with an augmented digital version with pages and audio-visual content, in addition to the printed version, available at kasa.continente.pt.

"Gender Equality is one of the pillars of Sonae MC’s Diversity and Inclusion policy, and this action by Missão Continente, together with the Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights, is another sign of our commitment to Gender Equality in which we want to involve Portuguese families, inviting people to reflect on the topic", explains Nádia Reis, Continente's Director of Communication and Social Responsibility.

"At the start of this year, Sonae MC was the first Portuguese company to sign the CEO Pledge, an international commitment to Gender Equality, and, last year, it set a target of reaching 40% of women in leadership positions by 2023. Gender inequality is a real issue, therefore, we have to raise awareness and work on its mitigation intentionally and recurrently" concludes the official.

Ana Sofia Fernandes, President of the Portuguese Platform for Women's Rights, states that "gender equality is fundamental for the defence of human rights, for the functioning of democracy and good governance, and for the promotion of well-being for all. Gender equality implies equal rights for women and men and for girls and boys, and equal visibility, empowerment, responsibility and participation in all areas of public and private life. Sexism, which continues to be a daily reality for all women, as was evident in the incident involving the President of the European Commission herself, last April, is an obstacle to achieving gender equality. Let's mobilize against sexism. Let's notice it. Let's talk about it. Let's end it!

In addition to Gender Equality, the areas of Disabilities, Generations, LGBTQIA+ and Nationality are also part of Sonae MC’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy, with the Gender Equality and Disabilities’ dimensions being a priority for the company.

The implementation of shares for women in the administration and the obligation to develop a plan for equality in companies listed on the stock exchange are clear examples of initiatives that brought this subject to the agenda in Portugal, leading companies and institutions to take a more active role in this matter.

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