Priorities of social intervention in Portugal: How to build the future?” was the motto of the Plenary Session of the new 'Missão Continente Strategic Council', which met in Lisbon with representatives from key areas of Portuguese society to debate proposals for social intervention.

The following representatives attended in order to form the new 'Missão Continente’s Strategic Council: Alexandra Azevedo, President of Quercus; António Guerreiro de Brito, President of the Higher Institute of Agronomy; Carla Nunes, Director of the National School of Public Health; Helena Real, General Secretary of the Portuguese Nutrition Association, representing Célia Craveiro, President of the PNA; Fernando Gomes, President of the Portuguese Football Federation; Alexandra Figueiredo, Member of the Board of Directors of the National Agency for Qualification and Professional Education, representing Filipa Henriques de Jesus, President of ANQEP; Filipe Almeida, President of the ‘Missão Portugal’ Social Innovation Structure; Francisco George, President of the Portuguese Red Cross; Helena Duarte, Department Head of Special Projects and Institutional Relations at IAPMEI – Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, representing Francisco Sá, President of IAPMEI; Gonçalo Lobo Xavier, General Director of the Portuguese Association of Distribution Companies; Hunter Halder, President of Re-food and Ana Sofia Ferreira, member of the Board at Re-food; Isabel Jonet, President of the Portuguese Federation of Food Banks Against Hunger; Eulália Alexandre, Deputy General Director for Education, representing José Vítor Pedroso, General Director for Education; Karin Wall, Director of the Institute of Social Sciences; Luís Jacob, President of RUTIS – Senior Universities Network; Pedro Santa Clara, Director of ‘42 Lisboa’; and Sandra Ribeiro, President of the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality. Inês Azevedo, President of the Portuguese Society of Paediatrics, is also part of the group of invited Strategic Advisers.

Given the challenging social context we are going through, we rethought Missão Continente’s strategic model, which now has the contribution of the highest representatives of entities with relevance in Portuguese society, with the goal of evaluating and devising strategies and developing initiatives that respond to the most pressing social challenges”, explains José Fortunato, Missão Continente’s President.

In this first annual meeting, the new Missão Continente’s Strategic Council identified the areas of society whose intervention needs are of the highest priority.

For Missão Continente’s President, “the new Strategic model allows the involvement of all entities representing the community, understanding the major themes, challenges and problems of the current and future social context. We remain committed to keep creating social value in the communities where we operate, with the purpose and ambition of generating and helping to create a positive impact on society, in favour of an increasingly better future”.

The new Strategic Council will allow Missão Continente to work consistently throughout the year, with all social partners, through a set of initiatives to be defined.

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