Sonae MC created, in partnership with the Higher School of Business Sciences (ESCE), of the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal (IPS), the Superior Professional Technician Course (CTeSP) in Retail Management, whose 1st edition started on November 5th.

The creation of this course, which has the participation of 20 employees with leadership roles in Sonae MC's operations teams, takes place within the scope of the training plan provided by the company, which aims to promote lifelong learning, but also to recognize these professionals’ experience.

The course is totally focused on developing future skills associated with the new technologies in retail, the omnichannel and the customer centric concept, preparing students for the evolution of the sector's business. Find out more about the course and its program here.

With a duration of 1 year, plus 6 months of internship (at the place of activity), the course takes place after work hours and in a b-learning format, and will develop the skills of Sonae MC’s professionals who perform functions within the scope of Retail Management, "but will also value their experiences, since, as they have more than 5 years of practice and professional experience in this area of ​​activity, they will benefit from a recognition process of up to 50% of the study cycle’s attendance, thus accelerating the attainment of the respective diploma and certification” explains Vera Rodrigues, Head of People at Sonae MC.

The training allows Sonae MC's employees, with a 12th grade education level (corresponding to Level 3 of the National Qualifications Framework), to increase their qualifications to the degree of Professional Superior Technician (corresponding to Level 5 of the National Qualifications Framework).

Sonae MC thus becomes the first company to establish a partnership in Portugal in this area*, for a group of 20 active people in its company. This project promotes the late entry of students aged over 30, integrated into the labour market, in higher education, leading to the development of skills such as “learning to learn”.

Vera Rodrigues adds that “with this course we guarantee our people the development of critical skills in light of the transformations we are experiencing in the retail sector, as well as ensuring their formal recognition, increasing their level of education. All of this represents a direct benefit for our people, but also a better experience and level of satisfaction for our customers. At Sonae MC - as we are one of the main private employers in Portugal - we firmly assume the role and particular responsibility of responding to the need to achieve a higher level of qualifications in our specific sector - and in the country as a whole - by betting clearly in the anticipation, planning and strategic development of our people and our leaders”.

Upon course completion, trainees will be able to coordinate and carry out activities associated with the retail commercial’s management, also supporting the commercial teams’ planning, organization and direction, developing communication strategies and point of sale organization and layout, through management of marketing resources. The course also aims to respond to lifelong learning, following the best international practices, with an admission regime that respects vocational guidance, in particular for late transition students, with a flexible study program, using mostly distance training.

The development of this course in partnership with ESCE follows the protocol created between Sonae MC and the Coordinating Council of Polytechnic Institutes (CCISP) in January 2019, which also enabled the launch of the pioneer Master’s degree in 'Logistics and Management of the Supply Chain, LGCA' at the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal (IPS) and the Superior Professional Technician Course (CTeSP) in Commercial Management at the Point of Sale, at the Superior Institute of Accounting and Administration of Porto (ISCAP), of the Polytechnic of Porto (IPP).

The partnership between Sonae MC and CCISP is materialized in a permanent dialogue platform, with the aim of promoting admission and qualifications at the level of Higher Education, and responding to recruitment and professional development needs, based on a training offer more aligned with the current demands of the brands and businesses that Sonae MC represents.


*Following the guidelines of Decree-Law No. 65/2018.

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