Continente sells tickets with a 50% discount

As of today, Continente stores* have tickets for sale for the next two matches of the Portuguese Football Team, held at Algarve’s Stadium, with a 50% discount on Continente Card.

The Portugal vs. Qatar preparation match will take place on Saturday, October 9th, at 8:15pm, and the Portugal vs. Luxembourg qualifying match will take place on Tuesday, October 12th, at 7:45pm.

Continente customers can watch these matches at special prices, between €10 and €15, according to the following categories:

  • Category 1 - €15.00 (50% discount on Continente Card)

  • Category 2 - €12.50 (50% discount on Continente Card)

  • Category 3 - €10.00 (50% discount on Continente Card)

This year, Continente extended its sponsorship to the Portuguese Football Federation and, in addition to being the official sponsor of the Men's National Football Team and of the Under-21 National Football Team, it is also of the Women's National Football team.

Continente recognizes symbols of Portugal’s identity, unity, tolerance and family in the National Football Teams, values ​​aligned with the positioning of the Continente brand which, for over 35 years, has the mission to accompany the Portuguese people and democratize access to unforgettable experiences, such as being part of a full stadium supporting the team.

* Continente stores selling tickets for the Portuguese Football Team’s matches:

  • Continente Modelo Faro 2

  • Continente Portimão Retail

  • Continente Loulé

  • Continente Guia

  • Continente Colombo

  • Continente Tavira

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