‘Missão Continente Heroes’: incentives good deeds

Missão Continente launched a new project that seeks to encourage the Portuguese to practice good deeds and adopt more sustainable habits that have a positive impact on their lives, on their respective communities and on the planet. Through the online community and a ranking system, participants are encouraged and rewarded for the Missions they complete, creating a network of Heroes.

Inspired by the grassroots model, the ‘Missão Continente Heroes’ project is based on an approach of recognizing the actions and contribution of each individual, which, together with all the other Heroes and their respective Missions, results in a greater movement.

This network of Heroes grows as the involvement and participation of one person impacts another who also joins the initiative, in a natural multiplying effect of progressive and circular good deeds.

With ' Missão Continente Heroes’, a movement of social mobilization is born, in which each person is given the power to improve their own lives and that of others, and the transformation and benefits that come from this are the merit of this individual commitment, which makes the movement grow from local to regional, from regional to national, and eventually global.

‘Anyone Can Be a Hero’ is the motto of the project, which aims to create a domino effect and a positive and solidary wave of change among everyone.

The proposed Missions are related to Missão Continente’s 3 axes of action: Food, People and Planet. Cooking healthy meals for the family, helping neighbours in more vulnerable situations, sharing food surpluses and reducing waste are just a few examples of Missions to be performed.

The ‘Missão Continente Heroes’ initiative intends to encourage the community to develop positive and rewarding actions, promoting a better world, through awareness of all and a renewed civic spirit. In addition, we want to give visibility to the many anonymous Heroes that already exist across the country, who not only deserve this recognition, but also because their actions can inspire and motivate new Heroes”, explains Nádia Reis, Continente’s Director of Communication and Social Responsibility.

The initiative's platform is already open to the public, and the start of the project has testimonies from Sonae MC’s employees, who shared solidarity initiatives that are already part of their daily lives. “Our colleagues at Sonae MC are the visible face of the many Heroes that the company has “indoors” and we believe they will be the inspiration for us to discover many more, especially in this ‘Missão Continente Heroes’ project’s launch phase”, says Nádia Reis.

We believe that, by sharing our Heroes’ stories, we will inspire others to participate more actively in their communities and in protecting the planet”, adds Continente's Director of Communication and Social Responsibility.

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