Continente’s new stamp campaign aims to fight food waste and encourage customers to preserve their meals and food for longer, using a vacuum system. Missão Continente joins this cause by providing an ebook on food waste and food preservation, which will be available on Missão Continente’s website.

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Vacuum storage allows to increase the shelf life of fresh food (up to 5 times longer), saves time and money by preparing meals in advance and in larger quantities, preserves under vacuum in the refrigerator or freezer and preserves the foods’ vitamins and minerals, thus reducing food waste.

In addition to the multiple functionalities and qualities of ‘Zwilling’ storage boxes, they allow to control preserved food through the ‘ZWILLING Culinary World App’ which, through a QR Code present in all boxes and bags in the collection, sends reminders about expiration dates and ideas for using food, preventing it from becoming unfit for consumption.

The ‘Zwilling Fresh & Save’ collection’s campaign runs in all Continente stores and, for every 20 euros in purchases, Continente and/or Universo Card customers receive a stamp associated with their account to purchase the seven exclusive products. Another way to accumulate stamps is to buy items from selected brands. Customers can check their accumulated stamp balance on the purchase receipt, on the card reader, on the Cartão Continente App or at a customer support desk. When paying with Continente Pay, for purchases worth €20 or more, customers receive an extra stamp (offer limited to one purchase per day).

Stamps can be transferred, via the Cartão Continente App, to family or friends by entering their mobile phone or Continente Card’s number (it is not necessary for the recipient to have the App installed, just having a Continente Card).

Of the seven collectible items, three can be free and the rest can be purchased for between € 3.99 and € 9.99:

  • Two Vacuum Wine Sealers (15 stamps: free)

  • Set of 10 vacuum bags (20 stamps: free)

  • 350ml vacuum seal container (15 stamps: free)

  • 900ml vacuum seal container (25 stamps + € 3.99)

  • 2L vacuum seal container (25 stamps + € 4.99)

  • 8L vacuum gratin dish (25 stamps + € 5.99)

  • White vacuum pump (15 stamps + € 9.99)

Food Waste is a problem in which Continente, as a retailer, plays a fundamental role, in addition to helping to set an example and encourage consumers, employees and suppliers to play an active role in this work, which is everyone’s responsibility.

Continente remains alert to the Sustainability issue and argues that companies have a role in promoting positive changes in consumer behaviour. For this reason, it has been directly influencing the environment in which it operates, through more sustainable measures or initiatives with positive effects on the population’s well-being.







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