New Portuguese king cakes (Bolo-Rei) for sale on Continente

Coconut, Chocolate and Apple Portuguese King Cakes are the three main novelties of Continente’s Christmas pastry, with a range of six distinct cakes, from the most traditional to the most innovative.

Continente’s Christmas pastry range is a seasonal offer, developed exclusively for the brand's stores, by national suppliers and is characterized by the high quality of its products. It is also the ideal gift to share with family and friends at this time of year.

The Coconut King Cake has a buttery texture that contrasts with the crunchiness attributed to it by the small pieces of coconut present inside and in the decoration. In turn, the Chocolate King Cake has a sweet pastry with a fluffy and soft texture wrapped in a delicious cream with the unique flavour of chocolate and hazelnut. And the Apple King Cake has a smooth texture slightly moistened by the presence of a tasty jam and pieces of apple inside.

In addition to these new features, there are also the already existing Continente Seleção’s traditional King Cake, Queen Cake, “flooded” King Cake and “flooded” Queen Cake. The Continente Seleção King Cake has a rich, fluffy and aromatic pastry enriched with the best selection of roasted nuts and candied fruits. The Queen Cake is very soft and flavoured. It is enriched with roasted nuts, rich sweet chila and raisins and flavoured with port wine, rum and orange. It is decorated with walnuts, hazelnuts and sliced almonds.

The “flooded” King Cake has the characteristic flavour of the traditional King Cake’s dough, with the traditional roasted nuts and candied fruits, but also has the creaminess of the egg cream. It is characterized by its rough and rectangular shape. The “flooded” Queen Cake has a smooth and fluffy texture, with all the taste of a king cake enriched with egg cream, roasted nuts and rich sweet chila, also standing out for its crude shape and nuts decoration.

The range, made up of 6 different references, has prices ranging between € 5.99 and € 8.29.

“At Continente we love to surprise and we love Christmas and, therefore, every year we want to surprise our customers with novelties that combine the season’s tradition with the innovation, quality and flavour of our products, which characterize us. This Christmas will be different but we want our customers to continue to count on us as they always have”, says Ana Alves, Continente’s Pastry Manager.

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