Leopoldina is the ‘queen’ in the Enchanted World of Toys’ return

With more than 430 thousand views, the new ‘Enchanted World of Toys’ (Mundo Encantado dos Brinquedos) campaign, which brings together, for the first time, Leopoldina and Popota, was the most commented topic, for 14 hours, on Twitter.

The tweet had over 10,000 likes and about 6,000 re-tweets, where fans invoke the nostalgia and joy of this unprecedented duet, which continues to delight the young ones, but also their parents, who remember the 1992 to 2009’s Continente campaigns, with the ‘enchanted world of toys’ iconic music.

Tiago Simões, Marketing Director at Sonae MC, explains that “for some time we wanted to bring Leopoldina back to the Enchanted World of Toys and this was the right moment because it marks Continente’s 35th anniversary. This campaign is a strong reason for parents to share stories with their children about what their own Christmas was like. We were also surprised by the impact of the campaign on social networks, especially on Twitter, which is a more organic network. An hour after we published the video, the topic was the most commented subject in Portugal for 14 hours straight".

The ad begins at Continente's birthday party, when Popota makes a wish: her biggest dream is to see Leopoldina again and sing alongside her the Enchanted World of Toys’ song. We then travel by her imagination, in a crowded arena, where the two characters shine, the toys dance and the audience cheers. Emotions grow until the moment when Popota awakens, blows the candles and finds that her wish has come true.

The campaign was produced by Garage, with the creativity of Fuel.

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