New campaign shows “A Continente you can’t see”

“There is a Continente that you can't see, but that looks out over Portugal” is the motto of the new campaign that the brand will launch tomorrow, June 10th, to show some of its initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable Portugal, but which are not always visible or known to consumers. The campaign focuses on the invisible work that the brand has been developing in the environmental and social sustainability areas.

The new “Bom Para Portugal” campaign, with Fuel's creativity, will be featured on television, outdoors and digital. The production is signed by the director Augusto Fraga, a member of the Directors’ Guild of America and who was distinguished and awarded by the ICA/Netflix in 2020.

With the aim of revealing this invisible work of Continente’s, the film presents a game between shadows and lights, supported by a strong sound component, which culminates in the revealing of projects that the brand has developed or associated with, such as supporting national producers, sustainable fishing, reforestation, social solidarity institutions and social impact projects, the promotion of healthy eating in schools, equal opportunities and valuing their employees, among others.

In the campaign, the brand thus materializes the idea that “not everything we do is in sight”, but that there is this “Continente that you can't see, but that looks over the country every day” and contributes to national sustainable development.

“Bom Para Portugal” (Good for Portugal) symbolizes Continente's willingness to thank and give back everything that the country has given us and the trust that the Portuguese have placed in us. One of the symptoms of this reciprocity is the work we do, but which is not always visible, or at least as visible, as our commercial activity, but which we consider essential in our daily lives", explains Tiago Simões, Sonae MC’s Marketing Director.

Throughout the film facts are revealed that prove this brand's work,  such as “more than 1 million native trees planted”, “more than 12 tonnes of plastic removed from the country per day”, “approximately 40,000 students enrolled in the annual Missão Continente school program” or “37% of women in leadership positions, with a commitment to reach 40% by 2023”, among others.

The launch of this campaign coincides with the #BomParaPortugal anniversary – in which Continente promises that ‘Everything Portugal gives us, we give back’.

“On June 10th, 2019, we began by thanking our customers for the trust they placed in us and we are committed to continuing to nurture that connection. In 2020, we wanted to keep speaking about the good things that the country offers us, supporting national production. Now, in 2021, we reinforce once again our commitment to Portugal, this time from the perspective of sustainability, a sustainability that is not only environmental, but also social”, concludes the official.


Datasheet - “Bom Para Portugal” Campaign 2021:

Title_ "#Bomparaportugal"

Advertiser_ Continente

Agency_ Fuel

Creative Director_ João Madeira da Silva

Art Director_ Tanja Costa

Copywriter_ Sofia Menezes

Account Director_ Tita Martins

Contact_ Madalena Menezes

Producer_ Krypton

Director_ Augusto Fraga

Director of Photography_ André Szankowski

Art Director_ Rui Pina

Wardrobe_ Sara Soares

Post Production_ Indigo Sound

Post Production_ Light Film Image

Music_ Trafalgar

Announcer_ Pedro Acabado

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