Continente expands network of chargers for electric vehicles

Continente continues to reinforce its Plug&Charge network throughout the country, and plans to install more than 110 charging points for electric vehicles this year, creating a network with national dispersion and competitive prices equal in all locations.

For 2021, 31 new locations are planned, allowing the creation of a network with a maximum distance between hubs of less than 100km, and, whenever possible, all new Continente stores will have Plug&Charge points and self-consumption photovoltaic plants, in order to minimize the carbon dioxide footprint from the stores. In other words, customers will be able to recharge their electric vehicles using renewable energy.

Plug&Charge is a simple and innovative service, where customers just need to download the Continente Plug&Charge app (and Continente Card app). In just 1 hour, it is possible to charge up to 200 km of autonomy, starting at 0.01€/minute. Service prices are the same in all stores. This is yet another step from the brand towards the decarbonisation of society, not only by promoting electric mobility, but also because it allows for the integration of self-consumption production in it, offering a 100% digital experience, simple communication and competitive and equal rates throughout the national territory.

“Continente Plug&Charge’s simplicity and digital experience, promoting carbonless mobility and customer service, were key factors for this disruptive service in the market to have been well received by customers”, says José Rolo de Sousa, Director of Asset Protection at Sonae MC. “We are now launching version 2.0 of our app in order to further improve the customer's user experience: improving speed, stability and communication, as well as simplifying usage even more”.

Since the beginning of the project, in September 2020, and taking into account that the mobility of the Portuguese has been restricted, Continente has already reached 104 charging points, in 24 stores, with more than 11 thousand uses and 148MWh of supplied energy. The network, with a daily average of 4,000 km of charges, has already prevented the release of 72 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The installation of charging stations for electric vehicles is one of the investments covered by the financing of the European Investment Bank and the European Fund for Strategic Investments. Continente Plug&Charge is one of the initiatives of a global project launched several years ago by Sonae MC, with a view to improving consumption efficiency and environmental sustainability and will contribute to the commitment to reduce the carbon footprint assumed in the signing of the Paris Agreement.

Sonae MC's investment in energy efficiency as a way to ensure the long-term sustainability of its businesses is a priority and goes beyond the investments included in this specific project, such as investing in opening new stores, which meet the highest energy efficiency standards.

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