Continente Producers Club signs declaration for sustainability

To promote sustainable production and consumption and a food system that respects the environment, the Continente Producers Club (CPC) established a 'Declaration for Sustainability', based on 11 principles and various initiatives, by business unit, for national producers. The initiative was made known as part of the Sustainable Gastronomy Day, which is celebrated tomorrow, June 18th.

The declaration, presented to the 256 members of the CPC, is in line with the 12th goal of the UN (sustainable production and consumption), as well as with the “Prado ao Prato” European strategy (fair, healthy and environment-friendly food system) and with the Ministry of Environment and Energy Transition’s Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality 2050 (RNC2050) and has a period of 3 years to be executed.

Ondina Afonso, Continente Producers Club’s President, explains that “the goal is to help producers meet the targets set by the European Commission, and thus the Continente Producers Club now considers compliance with this agreement as one of the criteria with the greatest weight in the purchase decision process”.


One of the examples of the several projects being carried out with local producers is the “Wheat Crops with Biodiversity: Let's Save the Hunting Eagle”. This pilot action of the CPC, aimed at the conservation of the “Hunting Eagle” species, and in which the contribution of wheat crops to the preservation of several endangered species is valued, is carried out in partnership with ANPOC - National Association of Producers of Protein Plants, Oilseeds and Cereals, and with CIBIO - Biodiversity and Genetic Resources Research Centre. Ondina Afonso explains that “Continente is concerned with biodiversity and this project will have a great impact on the conservation of endangered birds, and the flour we use in all our Continente stores’ Bakeries comes from wheat produced in these fields”.

In addition, 29 CPC’s producers joined the Zero Waste project, that is, waste-free fruits and vegetables and in which principles of efficient use of resources, lower energy consumption, lower emissions and greater control over microbiological aspects are safeguarded, which are fundamental in regard of food safety and integration with the environment, ensuring the sustainability of the entire agricultural system. “This summer, Continente stores will already have green melon, white melon and watermelon certified with this Zero Waste project”, says the President of the Continente Producers Club.

In 2020, through the Continente Producers Club, Sonae MC purchased 206 thousand tonnes of products from national production, with a total value of 365 million euros, which represents a growth of 28% compared to the tonnes purchased in 2019.

The Continente Producers Club’s goal is to make national products of excellence available to customers, resulting from a partnership work with producers, supported by technical-scientific knowledge and which aligns the offer with consumer trends. The Club is also committed to supporting local production, to small-scale producers, managing to supply some stores in the Continente retail chain, translating into an offer of “Products of the Region”.

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