Portuguese League Against Cancer, ‘Ajudar Moçambique’ Association, Gil Foundation, Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV) and ‘CASA’ - Support Centre for the Homeless - are the five institutions that Missão Continente will support, throughout this year, through the sale of Collectible Solidarity Bags.

These bags will be for sale in all Continente, Continente Modelo and Continente Bom Dia stores in the country, in stages, throughout the year, for €1.05, of which €0.50 will revert to the supported institutions. The amount raised on each Solidarity Bag will vary depending on the quantity sold. With the donation, the institutions will implement a project in the medium term (1 to 3 years). Missão Continente will monitor these projects’ implementation and measure their impact on the community in question.

This is a collection of 5 different bags, with a modern design, reflecting a more optimistic, vibrant and energetic trend, with every detail thought for each cause. The themes of each bag in this collection reflect just that: Hope, Peace, Smile, Love and Dream. These are reusable, washable, 100% recyclable bags made with 100% recycled materials.

At the moment, the first 2022 Collection’s solidarity bag is for sale - the ‘Hope’ bag (I Bring Hope), that reverts to the Portuguese League Against Cancer, to acquire support accessories for people with cancer, namely hair prostheses, turbans, scarves and hats. Hair is an important element in the individuals’ image and self-esteem, namely in women, and these accessories, as well as facial aesthetic treatments, such as eyebrow tattooing or eyelash application, can make a difference in cancer patients.

The second solidarity bag, in the 2022 collection, is the ‘Peace’ bag (I Sow Peace), which will revert to the ‘Ajudar Moçambique’ Association, which supports the “School for Girls” education project. This project provides access to quality secondary education, housing and food for young girls living in the vicinity of Gorongosa’s National Park. It is intended to contribute to the requalification of the infrastructure of the only boarding school in the district’s high school, as well as the requalification of the vegetable gardens, and the creation of scholarships. The ‘Ajudar Moçambique’ Association supports the most disadvantaged rural communities living close to conservation areas in Mozambique.

The ‘Smile’ Bag (I Spread Smiles) will support the Gil Foundation to achieve the "Paediatric Home Care" project’s goals. Continuing the provision of paediatric health care at home can avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and prevent the child and the family’s psychosocial degradation. The Gil Foundation has been dedicated, since 1999, to activities and projects that promote the global well-being of children, through the development of paediatric health and social reintegration projects.

The amount raised from the sale of the ‘Love’ Bag (I Hold Love), will be used to improve the Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV) Shelters’ living conditions. ‘APAV’ develops a daily prevention, support and protection work in order to aid victims of various crimes, namely domestic violence or sexual crimes.

The ‘Dream’ Bag (I Carry Dreams) will support ‘CASA’ - Support Centre for the Homeless - in the creation of occupational activities for Homeless People. CASA’s mission is to help those who are homeless and who belong to families at risk or in need, through social solidarity actions, regardless of social stratum, ethnicity, religion or gender.

In addition to the solidarity aspect, these reusable bags aim to contribute to increasing recyclability rates in the country and conscious consumption behaviours.

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