Continente’s personalized weekly brochures have just been distinguished with the Modern Retail Award, in the Best Personalization Strategy category.

The Modern Retail Awards, promoted by ‘Digiday Media’, a media and marketing company based in New York, United States of America, distinguish the most creative and innovative marketing projects of the year, in the retail sector, around the world.

Launched in 2020, Continente’s personalized brochures were the big winners in the Best Personalization Strategy category, an award that consecrates the best that is done worldwide in terms of personalization.

We are very excited about this award, this time international, which distinguishes another of Continente’s innovative projects and that we share with our partners ‘BuzzBeat/Innovagency’, ‘Fuel’ and ‘LTPLabs’. We started in October 2020, with over 1 million customers receiving their Personalized Brochures and, soon, we will reach all customers who signed up for the Continente Card” explains Tiago Simões, Marketing Director at Sonae MC.

In November 2021, the service had won 'Gold' in the Efficacy Awards, in the "Distribution and Restoration" category, being distinguished as the best in national retail.

Each customer’s brochure is personalized with the products that the customer usually buys and that are on sale that week, highlighting the best opportunities. Customers can access their brochure on the Continente Card app and also have the possibility to add the ‘Personalized Brochure’ to their mobile phone’s home screen to view it directly.

Personalization is achieved through the processing of data captured via the Continente Card, as well as applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methodologies, whose models were fully designed and developed by Sonae MC’s internal teams, thus being the company’s property. The data includes information related to customer purchases, product-level information and the relationship between the customer and each product, resulting in a combination of hundreds of variables.

Continente is the leading food retail brand in Portugal, recognized in the dynamism and innovation territories and with a solid path in digital disruption, in line with global trends. In addition to being the first supermarket to sell online in Portugal, in 2001, it was the first European brand in the world to open a store without queues, cashiers or product registration – Continente Labs.

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