Kombucha, a fermented tea drink, is one of Continente BIO brand’s most recent bets, already for sale in the brand’s stores with two different flavours - Raspberry and Coconut. Without preservatives or sweeteners, this drink, produced only with natural flavours and probiotics, is a consumer trend as an alternative to soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Obtained by fermenting tea, usually black or green, kombucha is a carbonated drink with a slightly acidic taste, similar to apple cider, and contains probiotics - live microorganisms - which improve bowel transit, lactose metabolism, immune response and anti-inflammatory action, reducing bowel and Crohn’s disease inflammation. They are also beneficial in reducing blood cholesterol levels and the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, obesity, anxiety and depression.

According to Ana Alves, Commercial Director of Private Labels at Sonae MC, “we are very proud of this innovative product that reinforces the Continente BIO brand. We continue working in order to meet the needs of our customers, who are increasingly more demanding and aware of their consumption habits. We are the leading organic products brand in Portugal, with a diversified offer of quality, organically certified products, always at the lowest prices.”

Continente BIO Kombuchas are the best-selling Kombucha brand in all Continente stores, proving that consumers trust the Private Label and that the democratization of quality organic products, at low prices, is driving the growth of the categories. Since the launch of Continente kombuchas, we have seen a growth in this drink’s segment of over 25%”, explains Ana Alves.

Continente BIO Kombucha reinforces Continente’s commitment to democratizing access to products with organic certification, at a time when the Portuguese are increasingly aware of the importance of their food and the impact it has, both on their health and the environment. The Continente Bio brand grew by around 35% in the last 2 years (2021 vs. 2019).

Continente BIO features a wide range of products free from synthetic pesticides or GMOs, which privilege what is most natural and authentic, with respect for the best environmental practices and the balance of ecosystems and favouring sustainable agriculture, respecting the environment and animal well-being.

The market for organic products has been growing and is today, more than a consumer trend, a consequence of the concern that consumers have in relation to what they consume and the impact that food can have on their health and the environment. Organic products are thus the answer to the growing concerns and needs of today’s consumer.

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