Missão Continente supports families with more than €12.000.000

Through its store surplus redistribution programme, Missão Continente donated the equivalent of 12.2 million euros of food products to 1,038 institutions across the country during the 1st half of 2022. 11.3 million euros were delivered to 877 social solidarity institutions, the equivalent of more than 2.5 million meals, and 826 thousand euros to 161 animal support associations.

In addition to the donations to institutions, the company makes food available to employees through the MC stores and warehouses’ social areas, which represented the reuse of 1.6 million euros in food during the first six months of 2022.

Donated items are considered surplus when they lose their commercial character, but preserve all the necessary conditions for safe consumption, thus avoiding food waste in a circular economy logic. These include fresh produce such as fruit, vegetables, and grocery and bakery items, among other food products.

Missão Continente is very aware of its responsibility as an active agent in the creation of positive social value, among the communities it supports. The daily donations that we make available to several hundred institutions allow, on the one hand, to prevent tonnes of food from becoming waste and, on the other hand, to provide very relevant support to thousands of families. We are talking about more than 2.5 million meals, with an estimated value of over 11 million euros, in the first half of this year alone”, explains Nádia Reis, Director of Communication and Social Responsibility at Continente.

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