Wells launches ‘Eco & Pure’ diapers

Developed with materials of sustainable and ecological origin, the new Wells’ ‘Eco&Pure’ diapers have a soft coverage, fast absorption and guarantee up to 12 hours of protection.

With more than 100 products that follow the different stages of the baby’s development between 0 and 36 months, ‘Baby Wells’ now reinforces its hygiene, childcare and infant feeding product range by launching its ‘Eco&Pure’ diapers, specially developed for the baby’s sensitive skin and with respect for the environment.

The combination of ‘XL Tube Technology’, which ensures better pee distribution and rapid absorption, with ‘Instant Dry Touch’, which keeps the baby’s skin dry instantly and lastingly, allows for a 2x drier skin and up to 12 hours of protection.

Developed with the baby’s well-being and the planet in mind, these diapers have an inner layer of 100% natural origin, are dermatologically tested, formulated without the use of chlorine, perfume, natural latex or lotions and are produced with green energy. Their packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable and they are certified by ‘OEKO-TEX’, ‘FSC’ and ‘EU Ecolabel’, which guarantees that they do not include undesirable substances and that they meet strict criteria at all stages of production.

Not all diapers are the same, and for that reason we should prioritize the choice of products that respect the increased sensitivity of babies’ skin, as well as their routine needs”, explains Hugo Rodrigues, Paediatrician and author of the ‘Pediatria Para Todos’ (Paediatrics for All) website. Hugo Rodrigues also adds that “the diaper change is one of the most important routines of the babies’ day and that the skin in this area is very sensitive and subject to various aggressions, therefore, the more natural the products are, the happier the babies will be.

The ‘Eco &Pure’ diapers are also made of breathable materials that allow easy air flow, an anti-leakage barrier that reinforces the baby’s protection, an extra soft cover made from 15% organic cotton and soft elastic adhesives that guarantee a perfect fit to the baby’s body.

Eduarda Taveira, responsible for Wells’ Private Label and Exclusive Brands, explains that “It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we have expanded our ‘Baby Wells’ offer, which already has 100 products, and launched such an essential product for the baby’s routine: diapers. We know that we have consumers who are increasingly demanding and concerned with environmental issues, but who do not dismiss product quality and performance. It was with this in mind that we developed the ‘Eco&Pure’ diapers, a product that guarantees the perfect balance between naturalness, performance and respect for the environment, without neglecting the price, which we know is an extremely important factor for our customers.

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