Continente launches its new pastry brand – ‘Dona Quina’ - which features 12 pies with different fillings. These are produced in Portugal, in an artisanal way, and with original recipes exclusive to the brand, inspired by traditional Portuguese flavours, with savoury and sweet options.

The 12 ‘Dona Quina’ pies are divided into 4 segments: 3 with fish fillings, 4 with meat and/or sausages fillings, 2 with vegetable fillings and 3 with sweet fillings. They are available exclusively in all Continente stores (including Madeira Island), for €1.30 per unit as well as in a box of 4 flavours for €5.00. The brand’s packaging consists of the individual packaging (1 pie), the pack box (up to 4 pies) and also a craft bag for those who prefer to try them out on the go.

‘Dona Quina’ is a brand that represents ‘the mother of Portugal’s pastries’, which uses natural ingredients, with simple and traditional recipes that delight all generations. The brand’s flavour is genuinely Portuguese and represents affection, flavour and tradition. Each pie is manually stamped, one by one, with the Dona Quina seal, and sealed with a unique shape, in a customized and artisanal production.

Featuring a dough pigmented with pieces of dehydrated tomato, the ‘tuna pie’ also has tomato cubes and oregano, while the ‘cod pie’ features shredded cod with fried onions in a dough pigmented with dehydrated olives. The ‘salmon pie’ has a charcoal coloured dough and a broccoli and cream cheese filling.

The ‘smoked sausage pie’, in addition to the sausage, has spinach wrapped in tomato cubes and the ‘roast suckling pig pie’ also combines caramelized onions and a touch of black pepper. Those who prefer a simpler option can opt for the ‘cheese and ham pie’ or the ‘chicken with chorizo pie’, whose dough has chives.

As for vegetarian options, the ‘vegetable pie’ has a broccoli, black olive, corn, red pepper and carrot filling and there is also the ‘mozzarella cheese and spinach pie’.

For those who prefer sweets, they can choose between the ‘chocolate mousse pie’, with a creamy filling and with a cocoa and almond flour coloured dough, the ‘egg cream and almond pie’ or even the classic ‘apple and cinnamon pie’.

According to Catarina Simões, Bakery and Pastry Category Manager, “in Continente we are always committed to providing new products adjusted to the needs of our customers, giving priority to quality, taste and price. ‘Dona Quina’, the new brand of pastries, presents trendy products, of entirely Portuguese production, excellent quality and at an affordable price”.

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