Missão Continente delivered to the Animal Solidarity Bank the equivalent of 1.9 million meals – 162 thousand kg of dog food and 75 thousand kg of cat food - which will allow to help feed 35 thousand animals from 280 associations. This donation results from the solidarity campaign promoted by Animalife, in Continente stores, on the weekends of March 5th and 6th as well as 12th and 13th.

For more than a decade, Animalife has been fighting animal abandonment in Portugal, acting directly on its causes and providing support to people in need with pets under their care, as well as individual protectors, groups and associations.

For Rodrigo Livreiro, chairman of the Board of Animalife, “it is initiatives like this that allow us to continue and, therefore, we can only thank Missão Continente once again. Loss of income for families is a reality, which makes it impossible for some to keep their four-legged companions, thus aggravating the problem of animal abandonment in Portugal and overloading the work of the associations. Our goal is to reverse this situation and ensure the animals’ welfare.

In addition to the collection campaigns, Missão Continente supports Animalife throughout the year via the stores’ surplus distribution program, which, in 2021, made it possible to reuse food surpluses worth 1.7 million euros and donate them to 370 animal support associations.

Last year alone, through initiatives carried out in Continente’s stores and social networks, the brand raised a total of 367 tonnes of animal food to feed animals across the whole country. The solidarity vouchers’ campaigns were able to collect 157 tonnes of feed, also delivered to Animalife, in addition to the 209 tonnes collected in stores by volunteers from local animal support and protection associations.

Additionally, on Animal Day, Continente challenged its followers to share a photo of their four-legged friends looking happy, committing to donate 1kg of food for each share. The challenge resulted in 1.5 tonnes of animal feed delivered.

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