The ‘Continente BIO’ brand launched three new Aloe Vera beverages – with Aloe pulp, mango and apple – and without any added sugars. The Aloe Vera with Pulp beverage (RRP 1l, €4.89) has only 3 kcal per serving and the ones with added Mango (RRP 1l, €4.89) and Apple (RRP 1l, €4.49) only contain the sugars naturally present in the fruit.

The ‘Continente BIO’ brand has a wide range of products that preserve the balance of ecosystems, which are produced using natural substances and processes, promoting the best environmental and animal welfare practices, with the responsible use of energy and natural resources, conserving biodiversity as well as the quality of water and soils.

The market for organic products in Portugal has been growing and is, nowadays, more than a consumption trend, but also a consequence of the concern that consumers have in relation to what they consume and the impact that food can have on their health and the environment.

For Tânia Lucas, Private Label Director at MC, “organic products are a response to the growing concerns and needs of today’s consumers and for which Continente has been working over the years with innovative proposals, in which no aspect is neglected, from sustainability to taste, without disregarding the price.

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