13.000 diapers donated to Gaia’s Santa Casa da Misericórdia

As part of the ‘First Steps’ project, Vila Nova de Gaia’s Santa Casa da Misericórdia’s (Holy House of Mercy) maternal-infant project, Missão Continente and Ontex gifted 13,120 ‘Continente do Bebé’ diapers to the institution, in order to respond to the significant increase in requests for help from parents.

The ‘First Steps’ Association is a very important initiative to eliminate inequality at birth, which we know compromises the well-being and rights of children. “Together with Missão Continente, we have ensured that more families start this phase of their lives with conditions and resources for a more dignified and positive parenting, as all children deserve”, says Manuela Neves from the Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation area at ‘Misericórdia de Gaia’.

Nádia Reis, Communication and Social Responsibility Director at Continente, adds that “Missão Continente aims to create a positive impact on communities and contribute to a happier and more sustainable future for all, so we could not stand idly by in the face of this situation. It is gratifying to know that we have partners aligned with our vision and that we can count on ‘Ontex’ to support these families as they begin such an important and challenging phase of their lives”. And it is “with great pride that ‘Ontex’ provides its support to those who need it the most in Portugal and in the world, to help deal with the changes that are emerging in the lives of families. Since the beginning of 2022, ‘Ontex’ has already donated more than 1 million and 200 products”, says Hugo Oliveira, ‘Ontex’ official.

This project is supported by Missão Continente, whose axes of action include encouraging a healthy diet and lifestyle, investing in social impact projects that transform and improve the lives of the most vulnerable people, and acting together with communities, helping them grow, be more sustainable and respond to social and environmental challenges.

Promoting quality health and reducing inequalities are some of the sustainable development goals proposed by the United Nations (UN) to which Missão Continente intends to contribute with this initiative.

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