Continente stores collect used school notebooks for recycling

Until September 18th, all the country’s Continente stores are accepting used notebooks and used paper, of any brand, that customers wish to turn in, in order to guarantee their recycling, in a partnership between Missão Continente and the Oxford brand. By the campaign’s end, for each tonne collected in the ‘Cadernão’ deposits at the stores’ entrance, the brand will plant 20 trees, in ‘Floresta Sonae’ (Sonae Forest) - a 1,100 acre area in Mangualde, planted according to diversity and fire-fighting criteria, with the goal of offsetting the group’s emissions.

In addition to planting trees, the ‘Cadernão’ initiative’s goals are to raise awareness and encourage customers to recycle, and save other trees, as recycled paper will gain new life in other materials, thus avoiding the use of new raw materials.

‘Cadernão’ deposits are available in all the country’s Continente hypermarkets, as well as in the Elvas, Portalegre and Bragança’s Continente Modelo stores, next to the recycling area (at the entrance of each store).

This project is supported by Missão Continente, whose axes of action include encouraging a healthy diet and lifestyle, investing in social impact projects that transform and improve the lives of the most vulnerable people, and acting together with communities, helping them grow, be more sustainable and respond to social and environmental challenges.

‘Sustainable Production and Consumption’, ‘Climate Action’ and ‘Protecting Earthly Life’ are some of the sustainable development goals proposed by the United Nations (UN), to which Missão Continente intends to contribute with this initiative.

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